DIY Rear Stinger Tire Carrier

DIY Rear Stinger Tire Carrier

Poison Spyder Customs

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The Poison Spyder Rear Stinger Tire Carrier is the ultimate rear bumper for hard core rock crawling. Like many Poison Spyder original designs, the Rear Stinger concept has been copied by many manufacturers, but none come close to the quality, function, performance and awesome appearance of original. Built for light weight, high clearance, ease of use and a measure of rear-flop protection, the Poison Spyder Rear Stinger is designed for those who spend most of their time in the rocks and need a tire carrier that meets the challenge.

The Rear Stinger is basically a fold-down spare tire carrier. By pulling the two upper pins, the tire carrier can swing down, making loading and unloading of ehuge off-road tires easier. Simply roll the tire up into the carrier, secure it with the provided 3-Way Spare Tire Strap, then swing the carrier back up and pin it in place. The main components are fabricated from NC-bent DOM tubing and CNC laser-cut plate steel.

This part number is for the "DIY" Rear Stinger Tire Carrier without the Lower Mount Plate. This would be useful for those who would like to use the Poison Spyder Rear Stinger with their existing bumper, or for adapting it for use on Jeep models and other 4X4's for which we do not yet make a model-specific kit. Note that he kit does NOT provide mounting tabs to attach the Stinger to your bumper, so you will need to fabricate or source these tabs separately. Note that the upper attachment arms are located at the correct width and height for mounting to a TJ without a body lift. If you are using this kit with other vehicles you may wish to have us ship the kit with the arms un-welded, so that you may weld them in at your custom width/height during installation. If you would like the arms un-welded, please make a note of it in the comments section when ordering.