JK Front Crusher Flares - Standard Width (Aluminum)

JK Front Crusher Flares - Standard Width (Aluminum)

Poison Spyder Customs

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The Jeep JK's thin sheetmetal fenders and stock plastic flares are among the most vulnerable body components when traversing the trail. The Poison Spyder JK Front Crusher Flare™ kit improves both the aesthetics and durability of your Jeep during your off road adventures. Poison Spyder Standard Width JK Crusher Flares™ provide tire coverage similar to the factory flares, with the added advantage of a better approach angle and outer tire clearance. Aluminum Crusher Flares™ are the perfect balance between strength and light weight, at less than half the weight of the steel Crusher Flares™ This product ships as bare aluminum—it will need to be painted or powder coated prior to final installation. We do not offer a powder coat option for this item.